How soft skills make technical support call center services better

Monday, September 9, 2013

Technical skills are at the forefront of the required qualifications of technical support agents in call center companies here in the Philippines and abroad. Naturally, as tech support agents are expected to resolve issues or answer queries related to electronic products such as computers or mobile phones, they are screened based on their expertise. A good customer support, however, is founded not only on agents' capacity to resolve technical issues, but also on their soft skills.

Soft skills for better support

Customer service always requires a human touch, thus the need for soft skills, more often known as people skills. Instead of simply giving out answers or a set of instructions, it's important that agents know how to take a more people-oriented approach when communicating with customers.

First of all, technical support agents need to learn how to empathize, a trait fundamental to customer service. Agents must show concern, build rapport, and then focus on the essential issues to let the customers know that they are cared about and are considered priority for the business.

Agents handling technical support for call centers also need to actively listen and pay attention with a genuine intention of understanding the customers' problems. This way, customers won't have to repeat information, and the agents can immediately pinpoint the cause of the problem and provide solutions as appropriate to the issue at hand.

Instead of simply being reactive, agents must provide a proactive service by offering additional information relevant to the technical issue encountered. This includes products or services that can further help the customer in the future.

Although good technical knowledge can get the job done, it still needs to be complemented with interpersonal skills. Tech support agents need to apply both hard and soft skills to provide outstanding and efficient customer service to the end users their companies cater to.

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