A multi-tiered approach to technical support services

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

As technology advances, so does the need of regular citizens and companies for technical support services. Currently, there are a number of existing models for this type of service, such as the multi-tiered system. This system allows companies to resolve issues efficiently as tech support is subdivided into "tiers" or levels depending on the complexity of the issues to be resolved.

The basics of multi-tiered system

A common multi-tiered system has three levels. Naturally, IT technicians are assigned to specific tiers based on their technical knowledge and capabilities.

Tier 1 agents deal with the most basic customer issues. They handle incoming calls to gather the customer's information, analyze the situation, and figure out what steps may be needed to resolve the problem. Throughout the call, they will need to document the process and create a trouble ticket. Tier 1 agents are generally equipped with a wide knowledge of the company's products, and terms and conditions, as well as basic troubleshooting and repair.

If an issue is not resolved, it is escalated to tier 2 agents in the technical support service department. They review the information from the trouble ticket, validate the problem, and provide necessary solutions. As they handle more complex problems, these agents are IT professionals with at least four years of experience and certifications.

Finally, tier 3 agents handle the most difficult cases. Just as before, they review the compiled information from trouble tickets, including the time previous IT staff have spent working on the case and prioritize work as necessary. They assist the personnel in previous levels and develop solutions for new issues.

Why use this system

The multi-tiered approach efficiently solves technical issues. IT technicians are assigned to divisions based on their technical abilities. Therefore, a customer is assured that no time is wasted since the problem is given to someone with the appropriate knowledge to solve it. Overall, this structure makes prompt resolutions possible and ensures better customer service.

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Photo credit: mjtmail (tiggy), ansik on Flickr