How back office outsourcing for key functions helps customers

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Although it is not the customer-facing front of a business, back office operations hugely affect customer experience.

Back office outsourcing enables businesses to operate more efficiently, thus reducing queries or complaints caused by operational dysfunctions and enhancing the experience of customers who are doing business with a brand.

Human resources

The human resources department is responsible for recruitment of employees. The HR staff is also the ones who come up with strategies to retain employees and manage employee relations in general. The HR staff strives to keep employee satisfaction. By outsourcing skilled HR staff, the company attracts and retains more key players, resulting to seamless work performance that benefits customers.

Information technology

IT is vital to businesses in today's modernized world. It is a broad field, and IT talents often have different positions in a company. Some design programs or systems that facilitate and speed up various transactions to customers. Others work for to provide tech support for electronic product users. There are also IT employees under back office outsourcing firms that specialize in creating and developing websites for excellent user experience online.

Finance and accounting

According to Forbes, finance and accounting are among the first processes outsourced by companies. The finance department is responsible for storing confidential information on customer details, billings, and payments made. Outsourcing for finance, particularly if the business has a large customer base, ensures faster transactions and less mistakes in purchasing-related areas.


Administration ensures that everyday operations in the company continue to run smoothly. These involve functions such as database management, data entry, and virtual assistants, among many others. Most administrative tasks are time consuming and thus typically outsourced. This translates to less paperwork in the main office and more resources to effectively manage back offices process. By outsourcing these crucial back office functions, efficiency is improved and complications are minimized. This enhances customer experience and reduces customer service issues for the front office of the business.

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