Maintaining positive customer experience with content verification

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Content verification is a process that many businesses must ideally undergo to protect themselves from malicious content online such as fake consumer reviews.

Fake reviews affect a brand's reputation and can reduce sales, especially in today's generation where customers tend to research a product or service on the Internet first before making a purchase. Reviews are powerful in that one negative posting may counteract the positive influence of multiple five-star ratings.

While many are concerned about the impact of fake reviews on the business itself, there is another less-hyped side that is also affected with the proliferation of bogus content. Though rarely discussed, it also affects the customers.

How false content affects customers

Fake reviews are more prevalent than one would think which is precisely what makes content verification essential. They can be found in corporate websites with testimonials sections, review platforms such as Yelp or Amazon, and over social media sites. In short, online platforms where customers expect to read about other people's actual experiences with a product or service.

The increasing prevalence of fake content will not only burn customers and breed distrust, it also deprives them the chance to do genuine research on a product's pros and cons as well as overall value. It would disappoint them to know that they took an objective recommendation which had turned out to be paid.

Moreover, this also shifts the focus of the brand, so instead of addressing issues experienced by real customers, it spends its time on bogus postings. This applies to both customer service and reputation management measures. It also degrades the quality of content on a website, which affects the customers' online experience.

Putting safeguards for both business and customers

Content verification effectively filters out negative reviews. It benefits not just the business but also customers online. It ensures that the customers are exposed only to genuine testimonials of its fellow customers, appropriate customer service is taken to resolve factual issues, and user experience in the website is maximized.

The ease of which a user can post online reviews makes the process prone to deception and gimmickry. Ensure that your business and customers are protected from fake consumer reviews with our content verification services. Learn more about this and other outsourcing solutions at our office website and Google+ page.