How to provide effective customer service to millennials

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Millennials where born into a world dominated by online technology. They're used to constantly having a mobile device around that lets them conveniently connect with the rest of the world. Aside from the usual phone call and SMS messaging, they communicate through instant messenger and social media, and even purchase things with just a tap of a button.

On the other hand, those who grew up playing online games as a children may even credit those video games in helping build their creativity, sense of responsibility, critical thinking, and other skills.

These early exposures to digital technology become a foundation for many of their traits, including being accustomed to a fast-paced world, being self-reliant and tech-savvy. Now if you want to engage with these individuals, such as catch their interest to support your brands, you may need to adjust your customer service approach and level it to meet their behaviors or unique qualities. Here are particular ways to do that:

1.   Provide personalized service
Stress on the need to have a personalized approach during conversations. In particular, you must greet and address millennial customers by their names, and send them particular information that focuses on solving their concerns. It would also help if your customer service representatives proactively work on establishing rapport with their customers.

2.   Listen to customers on social media
Millennials may use social media in different ways, but they remain to be the social web's biggest and most active user group. And among their regular online activities, they post comments about the products and services they've tried, whether on their own feeds or on the brands that they support. So make it a point to monitor your social media accounts for their feedback to know what they're saying about your products. That way, you would be able to determine the areas to improve on so that you can further serve them better.

3.   Prioritize providing fast, accurate solutions
Make first contact resolution a priority during training and make it a part of every agent's evaluation. This will ensure that customer support will be carried out efficiently. After all, most millennials expect dealings with your company to be simple, straightforward, and fast. They want to obtain answers now, rather than wait after a few days for their concerns to be resolved.

4.   Use other channels
When structuring your brand's customer service delivery, be sure to heavily consider opening up multiple ways for your customers to get in touch with you. Consider using other platforms such as social media, email, or live chat. They will find using these channels more convenient than actually getting on the phone with a customer service representative (which is the least thing they would do).

5.   Provide self-service options
As many millennials would love to figure things out on their own first before speaking with an agent, have self-service tools available. For example, include an FAQ section on your web page, or provide mobile applications for making transactions easier for them.