How inbound customer service outsourcing increases sales

Friday, January 10, 2014

Inbound customer service outsourcing is typically done to improve a company's relationship with its consumers through high quality service and support. While it's meant to enable businesses to satisfy their customers and address any potential concerns, it can also be instrumental in hiking up your sales.

Here are some ways to bring in profit while in the process of settling product-related concerns:

  1. Give incentives for successful upsells and cross-sells.

    Upselling and cross-selling are usually optional, but your staff can be better motivated to offer goods to the caller if they know that they can get incentives for every successful sale. They should bear in mind, however, that part of selling is knowing whether the offering is needed by the customer, so train your staff to listen for cues and wait for the right time to recommend goods.

  2. Set a rewards program for customers.

    Many businesses have a rewards program in place, and you can have your inbound customer service outsourcing partner implement one as well. You can go from executing a complex points-driven system to giving simple discounts. By letting your customers know that every purchase they make accumulates rewards, they will be encouraged to buy more.

  3. Give customers free samples. 

    Free samples increase sales in so many ways. Give a freebie to prospective customers, for instance, and they might end up liking your product and pay for it next time. If they don't, they might give it to others who would be more interested in what you offer. Giving freebies is also a way for you to show thoughtfulness, which can build a positive image for your brand.
Wise entrepreneurs look for ways to sell, and if you have an outsourced inbound customer service team, you can wise up as well by treating every call you receive as an opportunity to generate profit.

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