How can call centers in the Philippines be productive all year round?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Call centers in the Philippines are known to be the most productive among their counterparts worldwide. In fact, this inimitable quality is what sent them to global dominance.

Looking back at the past years will remind you that productivity can vary considerably depending on the influx of customer queries in a specific season, say in a month, or in a quarter. You'll be able to see that there were soaring months, flat weeks, and declining days.

These things are avoidable, however insurmountable they appear to be. And you don’t have to revamp your contact center business dramatically to achieve such seemingly difficult undertaking.

Here are the ways to make your contact center business productive and soaring all year round:
  • Boost your employees' morale

    The very first thing you need to do is convey your goals of increasing productivity to your employees—from your managers and supervisors down to your call center representatives. Being on the same page is the only way to move forward together. Review your trainings and evaluations.

    Your call center agents must have a thorough knowledge of their functions and the services you provide. Provide agent re-trainings on customer service, as it's the most important element in your business. Also, have your managers attend seminars and conferences on leadership.

  • Revisit equipment inventory

    The technologies within the call center workplace are vital– from the servers in the data center to the individual desktop computers and phone units on the production floor. As such, ensuring that they are in superb condition should be among your top priorities.

    Ensure that your in-house tech department has thorough IT plans that include regular maintenance check-ups for all hardware and software components. Here, your IT staff needs to find equipment that needs to be repaired or upgraded, applications that need to be updated, and databases that need to be backed up or archived.

  • Stir up Quality Assurance

    Your Quality Assurance (QA) team serves as the auditing department of all your main call center operations. Without them, you won’t be able to eliminate errors in your overall call processing and raise your customer satisfaction rates. QA Specialists are tasked to evaluate the representatives' performance, listening to every call to determine whether agents are hitting their targets and helping determine processes that need to be improved and staff that need re-training.

  • Be updated

    It's important that you're updated with the latest news and trends within your niche. This enables you to remain competitive by devising ingenious strategies get a leg up on the competition. Your marketing and sales team must align their tactics to the latest needs of the call center world, like what all call centers in the Philippines are accustomed to doing.

  • Reinforcing employee value is the key to soaring productivity

    Still, the best way to boost productivity is by having energized and inspired employees. You can never ask of your worker's 100% performance if they're demotivated.

    Offer rewards that will fuel their drive for work; promote those who deserve it, those who've given so much for the company. Value every good thing your employees contribute to your company. Thank them, and make them feel that they're important—that without them your company will just glide precariously, or perhaps nonexistent.
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