Telemarketing in the Philippines: How to keep telemarketers motivated

Monday, September 30, 2013

Telemarketing companies in the Philippines know that outsourcing comes with the continuous challenge of motivating their agents.

Agents have to face daily rejections and irate customers, and they may even be delegated to work in campaigns that offer little in terms of excitement. All these challenges while they work towards providing consistent customer service while doing their job of promoting products or services.

This means that call center companies need to take extra efforts to keep their agents going. This is often a complex discussion, as what works for other teams may prove fruitless in others. Here are just some ways call centers can keep their agents motivated:

Giving commissions and incentives

Money is, and always have been, a strong motivator.Some companies, however, are doubtful in giving commissions, since telemarketers may not be required to close deals, as per job description.

When giving incentives, companies conducting telemarketing in the Philippines should see to it that agents don't view it as something given. It also should take measures to ensure that those who did not receive incentives, especially those that perform consistently, do not turn resentful, as this may promote negativity in the office culture.

It is generally recommended to vary incentives, if given, and, if possible, ask the agents themselves for their input on what metric they would like to be rewarded (e.g., setting a goal for a number of calls or leads).

Making agents feel valuable

Telemarketers, or any office employees for that matter, feel that they are valuable when they know that they give significant contributions to the company, which is measured in performance.

To do this, telemarketing firms in the Philippines help raise the success ratio of agents by providing them with the right tools, such as fresh and accurate data lists. They also ramp up the agents' working conditions and promote continuous learning and self-development. This makes them better equipped to handle calls and provides them useful knowledge, such as how proper customer service can lead to sales.

Aside from this, call centers also conduct regular training and coaching sessions, recognize developments, and give regular feedback. Others encourage agent participation in planning. They ask the agents what worked well in a previous campaign, or how similar strategies can be applied in future projects, for instance.

Showing appreciation

It is often noted how a simple "Thank you" or "Good job" from a manager can increase the morale of telemarketers. Managers should be careful to show appreciation only when warranted; otherwise this may be rendered overused and ineffective.

These are just some of fresh ideas to keep telemarketers highly motivated. As mentioned, getting this right is a challenge. Oftentimes, managers need to test out a few techniques and measure them beside productivity results to know what works and what doesn't.

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