What are the features of live chat in technical support call centers?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Live chat is a relatively new tool for delivering customer service and support. It is often offered by technical support call centers and even software companies.

It enables businesses to immediately assist customers browsing their website. This is similar to having a salesperson ready to answer questions, and guide the person to make the best purchasing decisions. Chat clients and modules come with different features, depending on the software.

Sending and receiving messages

Proactive chat allows an agent to reach out first to the website visitor. This can be automated or initiated by the operator. Proactive chat is a popular feature, as it is shown to increase 20% in conversion rate.

There's also a feature for using predefined messages. The typical greeting used is, "Hello, how can I help you today? "

For chat support that does not operate 24/7, there's also an option for offline messages. The business owners can choose whether to simply remove the chat box during off hours or replace it with a contact form where visitors can leave a message.


Software providers may offer chat bots to go with live chat. Technical support call centers, on the other hand, can provide real chat agents for 24/7 operations or for handling huge volumes of website visitors.

Other features

Most live chats automatically archive conversations for future reference. These are used for reviewing the agents' performance. Others also allow file transfers for images or documents.

Advanced live chat applications also come with real-time analytics. This feature gives agents an idea of who they're chatting with as it displays details such as visitor location, referral sites, page they are currently on, and their history with the website. Some advanced live chats can also be integrated with customer service management solutions, so chat conversations can be compiled into existing customer profiles in a database. 

Chat offered by call centers or software companies often comes with various additional features. These help improve support quality and hence customer service to online visitors.

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