The different types of customer support services

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

excellent customer serviceThe importance of customer support services is often unparalleled in the digitized world. That being said, it is important to familiarize yourself with the different types of customer support services.

Customer support is perhaps one of the most popular services offered by call centers. It is divided into two categories:voice and non-voice. Under these services are live chat function, email support, and technical support.

Voice-based customer support services

This is usually referred to as technical support and inbound customer service. Technical support offers assistance to customers who are experiencing any technical difficulty be it a customer asking for detailed instructions or help with a problematic electronic device or gadget. Whereas customer service offers assistance to customers in regards to account information, complaints, or other consumer concerns.

These two services are under this banner for the manner they are performed. Voice-based technical support and customer support involves an actual customer calling a call center and asking for assistance.

Non-voice customer support services

Non-voice customer support services are then differentiated in two brackets: chat support and email support. These two services are different from the ones mentioned above because they entail digital mediums.

While most companies just have voice-based customer support services, non-voice support is also imperative for every organization because it helps companies become accessible to clients across the different platforms. With a hotline number, an email address, and chat functions, customers will no longer have to search high and low just to reach their vendors and service providers.

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