Customer service 101: Promises and cancelled projects

Thursday, June 20, 2013

customer service representatives
Customer service is more than pleasing customers. It is also about honoring your word.

That being said, our theme for today revolves around promises. If you promise a customer a specific product or service, then the customer would expect just that. Yet if you hold back on your promise, fail to deliver, and blame it on the customer, then you could be in for a very public backslash.

Take the social media debacle Capcom found itself on. Capcom is one of the leading gaming companies in the world with millions of fans globally. Yet a couple of years ago, it found itself on the verge of catastrophe.

What happened?

Capcom dangled very tasty bait in front of its fan base by opening the Dev Room and urging fans to help conceptualize what could be the most iconic installment in the Megaman series: Megaman Legends 3. While a large bulk of the fan base obliged, a Capcom representative tweeted that the meager number of fans led the gaming giant to think that the project is not worthwhile. Capcom immediately recanted its statement, but its fans were already going berserk.

What went wrong?

The most pronounced error is that Capcom promised its fans a new game and even urged them to help create it. By fueling the fan’s passion and building the hype for the game – only to let the fans down in the end – Capcom opened itself up to extreme criticism. And criticize what the fans did, a general perception was that Capcom was intentionally trolling Megaman fans.

Mind you, there is nothing wrong with starting a project and cancelling it. However, it was a big mistake on Capcom’s part as the act constituted an insult to an already agitated fan base.

As we mentioned in a previous blog, properly setting expectations is important if you want to thrive in today’s competitive industries. By promising something and failing to deliver, you will not only be letting your patrons down, but also setting yourself up for a resounding fall.

Yet if you find yourself in a tight jam, then you should look for a team that is highly qualified to handle your customer support department to respond promptly should your agitated customers reach out. By doing so, you will be proving to your customers that they matter, and you will be doing your best to help them. This will earn you significant brownie points, and could make the difference between losing their support and keeping it.

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