The transition of customer service in the smartphone era

Friday, June 28, 2013

Mobile customer service
Aside from making your financial life more manageable, mobile phones can also revolutionize customer service. Here’s how you can maximize this technology to provide sufficient customer support.

Going mobile

Many companies develop their own mobile applications to streamline business processes by facilitating transactions and other functions. For example, some applications enable users to transfer funds from one account to the other, check their existing balance, and inquire about overdrafts and other concerns. Similarly, other mobile applications allow users to change subscription plans and update their account information with a single tap. Basically, mobile applications are designed to augment a company’s processes which in turn significantly improve the overall user experience.

This is where customer service comes in. Most mobile applications allow room for immediately sending correspondence to a company. An example of this is when a user encounters an error and would like to alert the developers. By simply tapping a “Contact Us” icon, the message is then sent directly to the concerned parties.

The concept of mobile customer service

Mobile customer service usually falls under social media management. Aside from the aforementioned functions, it also allows companies to facilitate real time interaction with customers to establish relationships and provide reliable support. The majority of these interactions occur in the social media sphere.

Going mobile relies heavily on mobile apps. Applications such as Facebook Pages Manager and Hootsuite help social media specialists maximize their time and still be available 24/7, thanks to the flexibility provided by their mobile phones. Furthermore, going mobile ensures that a customer’s concerns are immediately echoed to the right personnel considering that social media interactions occur in real-time settings.

Yet companies should not be content with just virtual customer service. At times, a human’s sympathetic response is still what is needed to remedy a pressing situation. To do so, companies should implement customer service in all platforms, from social media monitoring to answering actual user correspondence through emails, phone calls, and chat logs. This way, customer service is covered in all aspects.

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