Up your game with customer service: ACSI June 2013 results unveiled

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Countless companies are undoubtedly thankful for the initiative taken by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) as it strives to measure customer satisfaction and, in turn, influence customer service by imparting statistically-founded knowledge on what customers actually want.

customer service satisfactionACSI quantifies customer service by providing benchmarks from one to one hundred based on the responses of an estimated 70,000 Americans in any given year. The June 2013 ACSI Report took into consideration the preferences of 8,963 respondents and tabulated these findings. Below are the results on customer satisfaction:


Customer satisfaction for airlines improved by three counts as it now holds a 69 ACSI score. This shows development for two consecutive years. Despite this positive news however, most passengers dub flying by air as a costly and uncomfortable endeavor, citing crowded seats and significant increases on ticket prices as aggravating factors.


Hotels remain at the 77 benchmark for the third consecutive year while guests narrate how straightforward the reservation and check-in processes are. Similarly, the majority of guests are pleased with informative hotel websites.

Full-service restaurants

Dining out has never ranked better as it scored 81 ACSI points. Diners are highly satisfied with restaurants in general as there was a cluster benchmark for the forerunning brands. Furthermore, the majority of diners commend the courteous and helpful wait staff.

Limited-service restaurants

This sector remained stable at 80 ACSI points, a mere point away from its upscale counterpart. Customers count convenience and affordability among the major factors to the high satisfaction rate.

Consumer shipping and mail services

Consumer shipping rose to 84 ACSI points as consumers hail the speed and reliability of service providers as the most satisfactory facets of the transactions.

The ACSI ratings are used by a multifaceted audience, including those that wish to improve and enhance their services by performing customer support and propelling customer satisfaction. As the ratings above indicate, Americans are now expecting more from their service providers as even the smallest things such as seat space could make the difference between a satisfied customer and an infuriated one.