Customer service 101: What is customer service?

Friday, May 10, 2013

The importance of customer service is emphasized by most business-inclined experts. Yet few people actually bothered to ask the basic question what is customer service?

Customer service explained

Customer Support
Customer support
Customer service is a vital part of businesses. It is the act of ensuring that clients are satisfied with your products and/or services regardless of the circumstances. You must provide knowledgeable assistance during the start of transaction to help the customer decide on which items or services to procure. You must also provide flexible and appropriate responses during the post-checkout period, which includes instances when customers ask questions, offer suggestions, or complain about your services.

The goal of a well-executed customer service program is very simple: to satisfy customers, and in doing so, retain their businesses. Lee Resource Inc. points out that “[A]ttracting a new customer costs 5 times as much as keeping an existing one.” Therefore, customer retention is crucial in developing an effective customer service solution. Since loyal customers will utilize your products and services repeatedly, you will have a strong rapport, which leads to a lasting and profitable relationship. This is without having to go out to attract new customers, as your loyal customers will tell about four to five people that they are happy with your services.

Despite this very positive scenario, some businesses still condone to business practices that lacks emphasis on customer service. This leads to a very negative effect of having dissatisfied customers. The word of mouth is essential in every business. Consequently, a single negative review posted on a nationally renowned consumer website (such as Yelp or Insider Pages) could boost or tarnish a company’s reputation.

To succeed in the very competitive virtual sphere, companies need to pay more attention to customer service. This requires highly trained and experienced personnel so they can respond effectively to all customer needs. Unfortunately, not all companies have the manpower and capability to support this function. For these companies, third-party service providers such as Open Access BPO can provide the convenient and efficient customer service solution.

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