Customer service 101: Why you should treat customers fairly

Thursday, May 9, 2013

call center service
Call center service
Customer service is the key to a successful company as customers are the driving force behind every
organization. Without customers to patronize their goods and services, businesses would not even open in the first place. Once a business opens, it should begin to please its clients in order to see growth at any level. Client retention is almost entirely based on the consumer experience, and without client retention a business will either simply scrape by or go bankrupt altogether. Whereas expansion without customer retention is impossible as repeat customers control referral based growth and reinforces a company’s public identity.

However, not all businesses place a heavy emphasis on customer service. Some companies would rather invest on innovations and other business practices than improve overall customer experience. Yet this proves to be the wrong approach since a single unsatisfied customer could end up telling 9 to 15 individuals about their negative experience, according to White House Office of Consumer Affairs (OCA). This number could rise to 20 people if the experience was particularly negative.

Similarly, Harris Interactive points out that 86% of consumers would stop doing business with an organization if they encounter bad customer experience. This includes quite a number of shoppers who would immediately leave shops if salespersons were particularly rude and/or inattentive.

Companies should do their best to appease an irate customer, as there is a very slim chance of transacting again with a customer who was primarily dissatisfied. In fact, Lee Resource Inc . adds that 91% of discontented customers will not transact with the same organization again. However, if a business immediately resolves the issue, then 80% of these people will be loyal customers who will convey their positive experiences with about 4 to 6 consumers.

To ensure that customers are given positive experiences, businesses have to efficiently respond to consumer needs by providing reliable and impeccable customer service. In addition, today’s fast-paced technological advancements make it possible for a consumer to rank businesses with ease. A single click of the mouse could result to a business being hailed as a “flop” on a consumer review site. A one-star or two-star rating in popular consumer sites could influence the way potential customers would then interact with a particular company.

The bottom line is companies need effective customer service techniques to retain present customers and draw new ones. Not doing so could result in negative criticism, which would tarnish a company’s reputation.

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