Why it's best to outsource multilingual call center services to the Philippines

Monday, March 31, 2014

Customers always expect to connect with businesses in their native tongue. When they cannot find what they want in their own language, it often stops them from buying. How can brands cater to such diverse necessity? For many companies, outsourcing multilingual call center services to offshore locations helps them overcome this challenge.

The Philippines remains to be the most preferred destination in business process outsourcing (BPO) operations. Seven cities from the country have made it to the Tholons Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations 2014 . In fact, Metro Manila even outranked Mumbai, landing on the second spot which previously belonged to India's major outsourcing city last year.

The Philippine BPO industry's strength lies in the multilingual voice solutions, a business component that is instrumental in growing your diverse customer base. Here are some reasons why companies should choose the Philippines in outsourcing this solution:

Quality manpower

In the Philippines, a degree in college is usually needed for someone to land a good job, therefore most of the BPO professionals are college graduates. Since English is the country's second language, most Filipinos speak English fluently with a neutral accent perfect for international customers.

Most locals working as multilingual agents have taken special language courses from accredited language teaching centers and universities. Cultural knowledge is also tested first before BPO companies hire applicants vying for multilingual positions. Moreover, continuous language and cultural trainings are provided by most companies to ensure that the agents' communication methods match global standards.

Cultural affinity

The Filipinos’ cultural compatibility with many foreign cultures remains to be the country's edge over the other outsourcing hubs. The locals, known for being hospitable, have no difficulty in dealing with foreigners and making them feel at ease. Furthermore, professionals working as multilingual agents often range from foreign nationals on short-term employment to Filipinos who grew up abroad or in a household with first language other than English or Filipino.

Because of their affinity to the culture and languages of foreign nations, multilingual call center agents in the Philippines have no difficulty in relating to global customers. This provides an advantage between a customer and an agent in understanding and addressing any issues.

Geographical advantage

The geographical location of the Philippines also provides an advantage to most European and North American businesses, making use of the time zone differences to ensure 24/7 customer support is provided. Also, firms all over the world see the Philippines as a cost-effective outsourcing destination that can provide the latest in communication technology in terms of equipment, infrastructure, and technical skills. The time difference combined with the efficient use of technology lead to BPO companies offering reduced turnaround times to international customers.

Multilingual contact centers in the Philippines offer a wide range of high quality solutions that come at cost-effective rates, thanks to the aforementioned advantages of the country over its competitors. Choosing the Philippines in outsourcing multilingual contact services can definitely help a brand reach out to its customers without having to worry about barriers concerning language and resources.

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