How do call centers in the Philippines woo their customers?

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wooing customers is everybody's business in all call centers in the Philippines. They know that they have to build rapport with customers and create a powerful branding, pitch, or marketing strategy for them to sell.

But in this day and age when controlling a customer's buying behavior is hampered by different factors, obtaining repeat customers is no longer an easy feat as it was in the old days. Add the fact that contact centers themselves are competing with each other while offering their own brand of customer service, and keeping customers loyal and coming back for more service becomes even more challenging.

The power of positioning, special treatments, and unadulterated care

The problem with many contact center-business partnerships is that they look at customer service as a process involving only the telephone, the customer, and the outsourced agent. Seldom do the businesses think that they have to be part of that system, too—that they have to position themselves right in front of their customers.

Naturally, the contact center's job is to convey everything about the brand through the phone (or other channels such as chat, social media, and email) without going beyond the business's instructions. Hence, the ball's in the hands of the business that the contact center represents; it must think of ways how to go in front of their customer's attention.

The goal of the business is to be part of the consumer's daily life. And it's the call center representative's duty to remind its verity to the consumers. The agent must make the customers feel how important they are, that their problems, queries, and complaints are his business. Therefore, the call center and the business must work on this together.

Many businesses have gone a long way from traditional customer service, veered away from it, and created their own unique way of reminding customers how they care for them and that they exist not only as a brand, but as a friend as well. You probably heard of what Zappos and others did just to please their valued customers.

Customers like special treatment, and they will remember you for that.

Indeed, the call center representative plays a big part

It's hard to win somebody who obviously doesn't like you—or worse, despise you. So it's the call center representative's duty to make the business he's representing the most lovable thing the customer has ever heard of. It's his responsibility to act as though he was really a part of the business' overall endeavor.

Admit it or not, many call center agents work for the call center alone, and not for the business they represent. With such thinking, the agents become concerned only about meeting quotas, beating deadlines, and accomplishing tasks delegated to them.

There's a big difference when customer service representatives embrace the brand as well. This will make them more concerned about the brand's overall welfare. As a result, they will improve their performance not only for personal gains, but also to help the brand reach its goals. They will get to know how to say sorry when they committed an error, become more honest, and be more passionate about it. And these subtle differences do not go unnoticed on the customer’s end—they know if the contact center agent on the other line is ardent about what he does or if he just does it to make money, to pass time even.

There's no solid formula in wooing customers; every successful business owners know that. But history has it that commitment and passion are enough to not just win customers, but also to obtain brand supporters who will be there with the business, through failures and successes. And call centers in the Philippines must not take this fact for granted.

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