How customer service benefits from deep knowledge about your customers

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The phrase "customer service" surfaces again as people become shopping-minded and as the holiday season approaches. During the holiday rush, you know that there's only one thing in everyone's mind—having a good time shopping.

This is again the high-time for being in front of the customers and targeting new audiences. But how could you do such if you don't know who's going to like your brand and if you're unaware of who your potential customers are?

According to Vision Critical's survey , there are four shoppers a brand like you needs to look for, understand, and engage, especially this holiday season:

First is the Modern-Day Coupon Queen, which is typically a 43-year-old- mother who'd rather shop in brick-and-mortar shops but still have a liking for mobile coupons. Seventy-five percent from this bracket use mobile phones to obtain vouchers, while 85% resort to online newsletters to update themselves on current trends and promotions. Those who are in this bracket are the types who spend less on themselves during holidays and storm the stores during Black Friday sales.

Second is the Millennial Generation Shopper group, wherein there are only less than 30% who prefer shopping through mobile devices like tablets, and more than 60% go to the web through their mobile device to search for products. Eighty percent of those who belong to this group are impulsive buyers, while two-thirds are not in-store when doing online shopping. Typically, their average age is 26.

Third is the Mobile Tech Embracer, or the in-store mobile shoppers, who are basically is a combination a traditional shopper and a modern purchaser. Typically in their mid-30s, they prefer to shop on their mobile devices, while 70% of them engage in searching, browsing, and purchasing straight from their mobile. A large percentage of this group engages in reading online newsletters and has a big possibility of flocking Black Friday sales events.

Last is the Single Cyber Male, or those who spend more for themselves than they do for others during Black Friday and Cyber Monday events. They usually purchase straight from computers and not through their mobile phones. They are the most prepared group, as they browse and buy ahead of time. They also hate queuing for shopping, and they are typically at the age of 36.

Know your customers well

It's fine to go along with the aggressiveness of the holiday sales, and keeping pace with the momentum of the feverish buyers can do a lot for your business, but it has to be moderated.

Consumer personalities still differ, even though they belong to a specific group. For instance, there is this ISACA's 2013 IT Risk/Reward Barometer saying that 67% of consumers in the States claim that they find many modern promotional tactics like facial recognition and geo-fencing obtrusive.

Even though these new advancements in shopping experience seem to give customers high importance, it is still important for you and your customer service team to keep in mind that not all customers share the same level of customer satisfaction.

Therefore, it is always important to know more about your specific target audience before bombarding them with promotions and adverts. What they want, need, hate—these things matter.

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