Delivering after-hours customer care via 24/7 call center services

Monday, September 2, 2013

Do companies really need to operate 24/7 call center services?

The answer is a big resounding yes. The main reason is that customers want immediate answers, which is more apparent in today's digital age.

Why companies need round-the-clock customer support

People normally don't have time to make calls during the day. Most of them contact a company after they get home from 9-5 work schedules or after household chores are done. Whatever time is convenient for them, there should be agents waiting to pick up the phone when they call. Although this can be done by an answering machine, people heavily prefer talking with a real person rather than hearing an automated message. It leaves a good impression and reflects on how the company puts value into taking care of its customers.

After-hour calls are rarely that of emergency cases. Nonetheless, they still represent business opportunities. A 24/7 call center service allows customers to place orders, ask for help with product issues, and inquire about billing anytime. It also gives more opportunities for call center representatives to do more with its marketing efforts by screening leads and scheduling appointments.

Consistent availability of customer services isn't limited to phone calls either. A 2013 study shows that there is also high expectation for fast response rate for social media support. Social customer service should then be offered after regular working hours to provide constant coverage. The unfortunate alternative is disappointing customers, creating backlogs for the day-shift agents for the day after, and public display of poor customer service to other online users.

Investing on customer satisfaction serves the business in the long run. In contrast, unavailability may put it at risk. Call centers operating at 24/7 are viewed as profit centers, not merely additional expense. Consistent service promotes positive brand reputation, which is organic marketing in itself. It also prevents customers from seeking other brands who can provide support, thus strengthening customer loyalty and allowing the company to get ahead in the industry's cut-throat competition.

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