How a call center in the Philippines can improve agent efficiency

Friday, April 11, 2014

The efficiency of agents in delivering tasks can greatly affect the performance of a contact center as a whole. When your agents have difficulty in meeting expected performance level, the services provided by your outsourced call center in the Philippines can also manifest the same weakness, since the people manning these business processes are not as productive.

Here are some ways to improvethe agent efficiency in your outsourced call center:

•   Continuous agent training

The importance of constantly seeking to improve your agents' skills can never be emphasized more.

By following a continuous agent training schedule, you can make sure that each agent in your call center will receive adequate time to further his or her skills and knowledge. Focusing each training session on a new skill or procedure will lead to a more productive training scheme for your team.

•   Standardized solutions for common problems

By providing your agents with a standard set of best practices and corrective measures to common issues, you reduce chances of agents responding with wrong solutions when problems arise. Building a database of experience-based solutions can be done gradually and can be updated from time to time. By referring to this guideline, agents become experts in solving common problems without having to undergo lengthy training.

•   Live call monitoring

Live call monitoring can be useful for new agents. Having a supervisor or a senior agent listen in to actual calls can give inexperienced agents a sense of safety or fallback. If the agent starts to struggle or needs help, the senior agent can give words of guidance for the new agent to follow. Coaching can also be more guided if it is based on the actual call performance of the agent.

•   Inter-agent chat platform

Just like live call monitoring, allowing inter-agent chat allows agents to benefit from the expertise of seasoned agents or supervisors. It can be done either on a one-to-one or one-to-many basis. Either way, agents can ask questions from the rest of the team real-time without pausing the conversation with customers.

•   Ideal agent to supervisor ratio

The definite ratio depends on the services the team provides and the level of supervision each agent requires to perform well. The bottom line is, the supervisor must be able to give sufficient time and attention to everyone under his or her management.

This way, supervisors can adequately listen to feedback and suggestions from each agent. When every agent is given enough attention, the overall motivation and morale of the team is also increased.

The ability to directly interact with your customers gives your call center agents the advantage of learning about a faulty process or procedure. Taking time to listen to them while improving their skills at the same time will help you improve not only agent efficiency but the performance of the call center as a whole as well. By following these practices, you are guaranteed to have a productive workforce that will help you reach your business goals faster.

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