Why every call center in the Philippines treats coworkers as customers

Friday, March 21, 2014

As part of its core duty to serve customers, every call center in the Philippines instills a sense of courteousness in its agents to ensure that the people who support the brand it represents get excellent service. This is why call center best practices are often centered on customers.

To achieve complete customer satisfaction, some call centers neglect the other facet of effective customer service delivery: workplace harmony.

The contact center environment can sometimes foster competitiveness and isolation, as reflected in the results of a poll conducted by communication technology manufacturer Jabra. To prevent this from becoming the case in your own team, you should encourage workplace interaction and hold it with an equally high regard as customer-centric best practices.

Here are some ways to achieve a healthy professional relationship in a call center:

• Be positive

Exude positivity in everything you do. Avoid complaining and worrying about not reaching quotas or getting too many call complaints. Just like how you try to assure customers that their delayed order is on the way, you should also keep your colleagues' spirits up by reminding them of the incentives they can get once they get the job done. Jittering will not help; cheering up will make things breezy.

• Listen

You listen to your customers to solve their problems, right? Likewise, you should listen to your coworkers about their office-related woes. There's no one who could understand them better than you, as you probably face the same concerns that they do.

• Be accessible

In the same way that you keep all communication channels accessible for your customers, you should be accessible to your fellow agents as well. Give help when you can, and others will have your back when you are the one in need of a helping hand.

• Make coworkers feel valued

Every call center in the Philippines recognizes the support of loyal customers by giving them rewards and gifts.

Just like how supporters deserve to feel important, call center agents should also get a pat on the back for performing well, exceeding quotas, or even just by being there. With the presently high call center attrition rates, it is already a blessing to have loyal agents in your team.

How coworkers interact with each other impacts the effectiveness of the team. Agents with high morale and positive work attitude perform the best and deliver great results. Simple practices such as these could go a long way, so go ahead and make your coworkers feel as valued as your customers.

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