Philippine call centers: Service isn’t the new marketing

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

For Philippine call centers, service isn't the new marketing—because it has been always the case. Perhaps bloggers and journalists have just hyped the term up and added "new" to it to entice businessmen, investors, and customers. Service has been a powerful marketing tool since time immemorial—brands, though unconsciously, have been using customer service to sell.

Why inject extra effort in your customer service?

Matt Mickiecz of logo design firm 99designs once said that business owners must treat their customers as though they're newspaper reporters, because they now have a journalistic power that could make or break your company's reputation. Through social media, they now have the ability, prerogative even, to tell the entire world every good and bad move you commit when transacting with them.

Fear them, to put it in a blunt way, specifically because they can publish everything they experienced with your brand on Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. As you know, nobody takes social media for granted nowadays.

Apart from the possibility of ending up having a bad review on the Web, you must also fear the fact that more and more customers are trusting reviews, be it online or just through a peer. When swamped by choices and confusions brought by similarly-sounding sales pitches and branding taglines, customers resort to reviews, which are direct manifestations of a business' way of treating customers.

It's extra work for call centers

In one aspect, the weight of having extraordinary customer service is a little heavier for the customer service firms like Philippine call centers, as they are the ones that are directly talking with the consumers. And to them, customers are like a double-edged sword, as one wrong move would subject them to a more serious scrutiny: first, from the customers themselves; second, from the brands they represent.

As of this moment, customers are still doubtful of many customer service firms' service quality. According to a study conducted by solutions provider firm Verint, only 49% of customers feel satisfied with the service they receive. Sixty-four percent stated that long waiting time is annoying, while fifty-six percent said that mistakes make a call transaction unduly off.

On the other hand, contact centers are lucky in a way that they obtain more chances of communicating to customers, which means they have more opportunities to provide unforgettable and exceptional customer service.

Essentially, the ball is now in the hands of Philippine call centers. They're the ones who can change how consumers see service delivery these days. And the only way to do this is by going back to the basics—they must look at the customers, what they need and want, and incorporate it into how they deliver their own brand of customer service.

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