How can clients be part of hiring in a call center in the Philippines?

Friday, February 7, 2014

Have you ever been part of the recruitment phase for your outsourced staff? Looking at a call center in the Philippines will prove that this is common in the country. In the Philippines, finding a contact center that gives clients full independence over who they would like to represent their brand is no longer a farfetched idea.

While this is not a very common practice in most companies that offer outsourcing services, especially to those that are located abroad, it's a different case in the Philippines. Almost every outsourcing company there does this, as they want to give importance to the real essence and meaning of business partnership.

Outsourcing services is recruitment too

Rarely would we hear about outsourcing firms shedding light to outsourcing itself as a recruitment process. Most of the time, they just bring their products and services under the spotlight. But they don’t always highlight the process of choosing the right customer service representatives, team leaders, or managers. 

That's why some business owners think of outsourcing as a just a process of entrusting services to a separate entity. Never do they think that handing out services to a firm with a weak recruitment process might just impair their goals of properly handling their sent-out tasks. Indeed, there are companies that don’t put too much attention to the qualifications of the candidates and merely choose anyone just for the sake of hiring.

The importance of partnering with the right outsourcing firm

It’s important for the business to look at the outsourcing company’s take on hiring before closing any deal or signing a contract. Do they have a strategic hiring plan? Do they consider an applicant’s educational attainment, degree, or university standing?

If you are a business owner who caters to American clients, you probably prefer native English speakers on your phone lines. Hence, you should partner with a company whose beliefs, goals, and standards are similar to yours.

Clearly, no company could give everything a business like you desire. To address this inevitable and common problem every, if not most, call center in the Philippines lets you be part and have a complete control over the recruitment process. It's you who will decide who'll occupy the vacant CSR seats and which character or skill is needed for this and that job function.

Outsourcing the Philippine way

In line with the ever-changing business environment in the Philippines where everyone demands for honesty and transparency, outsourcing businesses there reveal their recruitment strategies to their clients. By way of subjecting themselves to scrutiny, businesses like you would be able to look at their own business and recruitment strategy to give you an overview of your future partnership. Philippine call centers allow their clients to screen applicants, train them according to their strategy should they get hired, and even position the right managers, team leaders, and brand leaders from their own company so that despite the outsourcing setting, they remain the owner of their business.

How can clients like you be part of hiring in a call center in the Philippines? Take time in scrutinizing and choose carefully.

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