How call centers in the Philippines handle customer service issues

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The efficiency of any customer service plan in call centers in the Philippines depends largely on two things: how it is planned, and how it is implemented. A good planning is useless if the implementation is done poorly. This speaks of how contact centers manage their customer service amid errors, complaints, and blunders.

So how do Philippine contact centers carry out their well-planned customer service strategies? Here's how:

• They respond immediately

For local contact centers, there is no room for procrastination. Once a customer support representative hears the customer's problem, they react instantly, looking for ways to resolve it.

Passing a call on to a different department may be necessary, but leaving the customer hanging for minutes is a big no-no.

•They inform their customers

Customer service agents ensure that their customers are well informed about the actions needed to be done to address their issues, and that they're already working on a solution. This is very important because no customer would want to end up waiting without having a notion of what's been happening in his complaint, if it's being addressed or not.

• They take action quickly and efficiently

Call centers in the Philippines understand that every problem must be solved in the fastest time possible. However, being fast is no excuse for having half-baked and inefficient results. As such, representatives ensure that they present their callers with the answers that can definitely alleviate their concerns.

• They practice transparency and honesty

Nobody wants to trust a brand who is plain dishonest and covers up for its mistakes. In fact, customers find honest brands admirable. Local contact centers in the country know that they just need to be honest and assure the customers that they're doing their best to work on their concerns.

• They assure continuity

Having a systematic follow-up is a common practice among call centers in the country. They value customer service highly that it doesn't just end in solving the problem. After which, they also check regularly if there are subsequent problems arising (whether in relation to the prior problem or not), or if there are any other errors that need fixing.

To be able to maintain their customer service edge, call centers in the Philippines know that it must be carefully-planned and executed, for having these two nailed is the only way for customers to really see and feel how they give importance to their welfare sincerely.

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