Your hip 2014: Changing your customer service for the better

Monday, January 6, 2014

Talking about customer service is still a "hip" thing to do. Why not? Every business needs it—and without it, doing business has no sense at all.

When we say "hip," what comes to mind are the things that made news or became big, whether these are just passing trends or continuous ones. For instance: selfie, twerking, vinyl, moleskin.

To be hip is to be fun and relevant but not cloying and annoying. Being hip is important in your call center business, for the industry where your business belongs is an industry of changes. You don't want to be left behind, for sure.

Your customers definitely don't want an outdated call center; they want their product concerns to be handled by one that will give them the satisfaction they want. Becoming that kind of contact center is not impossible. In fact, here are ways to achieve that:

Aim high, think about the cloud

Think of using cloud computing services. If you’re operations and business strategies aren't incorporated with the cloud computing technology yet, perhaps it's time to think about it. Basically, it can give you a bigger and more reliable storage system that lets you work from alternate sites and update applications without the need to maintain physical setups.

Embrace mobile, be social

Customers who use mobile devices will increase dramatically in the next years to come, so you better gird up your call center into a mobile-ready one.

Make sure that your hotlines are accessible to mobile phone lines and that you're capable of being social media ready. Yes, you heard it right, because as business apps grow bigger, users tend to think that everything they need in a brand is already mobile-accessible. Never forget that embracing mobile and having all the means to cater to social media-reliant customers will send your business to a higher level.

Streamline self-service

No customer will end up happy receiving bad inbound IVR (interactive voice response) service. Workflow plays an important role in your IVR; therefore you must incorporate big data and smart analytics to achieve a quick-responding IVR program that serves both you and your customers. With that, you don't lose customers because they gave up completing the transaction that has just cost them an immense amount of their precious time. Remember that customers call you to have their problem solved, not to obtain another disaster.

Expand data

It's 2014, and everything is changing and becoming bigger—from smartphone usage, and social media consumption, to the growth of multichannel services. This means that you must have a more advanced arsenal to house the large data sent by consumers coming from different channels such as your phone lines, email support, and social media accounts.

Improve omnichannel experience

Omnichannelled customer service has been around for years. Yet, the right time to give it a more serious look has arrived just now. Customers love it when they're carried and guided smoothly across the channels without the hassles and mix-ups, whether they have purchased though a smartphone, brick-and-mortar store, or even direct mail. In the world of business, there comes a time that you need to do what everyone's been doing—you also need to be "hip" sometimes. But just copying what everybody's doing is not enough. You must inject creativity in it, make it your own, and, eventually, start your own trend.

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