Does your leadership harm the quality of your customer service?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Customer service representatives are well-aware that their role comes with the name, but it doesn't mean that the quality of your customer care relies entirely on them. Just like how customer experience is defined by the way representatives handle a concern, their quality of work is defined by the way you lead them.

Look at your customer relations people and see if they're treated the way you want your customers to be treated or if it's at least close to that level. Surely, your customers are at a higher rank of priority, and that's why you have a customer care team in the first place. But how will your team give an above average customer experience if they have below acceptable working conditions?

One of the ways to boost customer loyalty is through customer service, so it pays to take care of the people at your business' frontline. Read on to know the signs of poor leadership that might lead to a fallout with your income generators—your workers and your consumers.
  • Unacquainted marketing and customer care

    If your customer support representatives don’t know the marketing message of your brand, they may not be able to live out your vision through the service they give. Don’t let your representatives be at a loss; let your selling aim be the basis of their work.

  • Uneven leads to sales ratio

    If your leads are a lot higher than your actual sales, it might mean that your marketing efforts are not effective. The same can be said if your repeat sales can't closely match your new sales. It means that you don't retain customers.

  • Blocked social media

    If you forbid your customer service representatives from disclosing employment information on their social networking profiles for fear of them badmouthing your company, you might be giving them reasons to loathe working for you.

  • Few complaints

    If you don’t get that many negative comments about your brand, it doesn’t mean that everything's alright and that there's no more room for improvement. It could mean that you don’t keep an open communication with your people for them to report issues. Another possibility is that your product may not be remarkable enough to generate reaction, be it positive or negative.

  • Frequent tardiness and absences

    If your staff shows up late or doesn't show up at all several times a month, you may not be giving them enough motivation to perform their best. Your facilities and system may contribute to this as well. Does the workload allow them to rest? Are there health hazards in their workplace?
Running a business requires more than just good leadership; there should be cooperation and open communication between the leader and the followers. Customer service and customer experience go hand in hand—taking care of your people inspires them to take care of your customers, who would take care of your brand in return.

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