How great inbound customer service can help startups excel

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Great inbound customer service is vital for all businesses. For startups, especially, this means survival and may even be instrumental in the business' growth in the future.

By excelling in customer care, new companies can gain new customers and retain existing ones to ensure enhanced revenues.

Other benefits of customer service

According to a recent Forbes article, great customer service is essential not only in making customers happy, but also in providing feedback necessary for product development.

Startups can create a two-way communication to learn from their consumers. This can help companies refine existing offerings and develop products that people want. Customer care also enables them to identify customer needs and understand how customers use the products to accomplish certain goals.

Lastly, customer service representatives can ask customers for feedback regarding how a product is presented. That is, they can ask whether the language used in the accompanying product guide, product descriptions, and other factors are effective marketing tools.

After the dialogue with customers, startups can then provide the solutions that their customers need.

Tips on how to get customer feedback

Mashable recommends looking at inbound customer service records for the most commonly asked questions by customers. This information can be used to improve marketing copy and products for easier use.

The website also suggests keeping in touch with active customers and asking for their opinions regarding new features. This will give startups an idea on which features to prioritize, and which ones they can exclude in future iterations.

Aside from these, Nibletz also gives tips on how to get feedbacks, particularly during the product development stage. The website advises dispersing customer surveys with a maximum of 15 questions each, browsing support forums, setting up a feedback window on online websites, and launching a feature contest for customers to participate in.

By keeping customer service lines open, startups can both assist customers and solicit insight that can be used to create high-quality, marketable products.

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