Does cultural diversity matter in tech support outsourcing?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Excellent customer service is a universal concept. This, however, does not mean that customers from all over the world are the same.

Companies that engage in tech support outsourcing should be aware that customers with diverse cultural backgrounds require different approaches.

Differences of customers

As shown in a study by cultural specialist Itim, customers of various origins have different communication approaches and expectations of the quality of service in customer care.

For instance, tech support representatives that cater to German customers need to focus on objectivity, efficiency, and technical issues. On the other hand, those that provide support for Portuguese customers should first build a trustworthy relationship before discussing the central topic of the call.

Moreover, depending on the country, waiting for many rings may or may not be tolerated. Similarly, there are countries where a 48-hour delay in responding to emails is accepted, but for others, it is considered akin to being ignored.

Cultural sensitivity in the call center

Representatives under tech support outsourcing companies should undergo cultural competency trainings. These include accent neutralization, voice modulation, and awareness on cultural etiquette. This will help them better communicate with customers and focus on problem solving instead of trying to figure out how to talk to their callers.

Similarly, the call center should also strive to provide a multicultural experience to customers by diversifying representatives, and by providing translation options on their websites, among other practices. In summary, cultural diversity is an important consideration in customer care, whether it's basic customer service or technical support. Customers want to feel understood and, just as importantly, assured that their problems are being solved and taken care of.

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