Services in the Philippines: Email marketing to delight customers

Friday, September 13, 2013

One of the most common business solutions outsourced to the Philippines is email marketing. As the digital equivalent of traditional direct mail, it is still widely used even with the emergence of other technologies as it is shown to remain effective in reaching out to customers for increased acquisition and, hence, profits.

For it to be effective, companies must place customer experience at the heart of their campaigns.

Customer experience and email marketing

Companies must send the right message to the right customers; otherwise, recipients may just ignore the email, unsubscribe, or move it to their spam folders. As such, email marketing needs to be well targeted. For instance, the subject areas covered in the newsletters must be relevant to the intended recipients and must be selected according to their profiles such as gender, age, preferences, and purchase habits, among others.

Sending relevant content effectively engages the customers and provides them with useful material, not merely generic sales articles.

Outsourcing firms in the Philippines that deliver email marketing for different customer segments should also personalize the emails sent. They should use the recipients' first names in the salutation to make the latter feel comfortable. They can also give more options to customers, asking them to specify what kind of content they would like to receive and how frequently.

Finally, they must ensure that customers receive consistent positive experiencefrom the initial welcome message upon subscription to subsequent mails and updates. They must maintain the relationship with customers and improve emails to include seasonal topics, current trends, and in-demand issues based on customer feedback. Email marketing is not your standard copywriting material. Companies need to take into consideration the interests of their readers as a way of providing customer service and, at the same time, promoting their brand's offerings.

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