Bridging the gap with multilingual call center services

Monday, September 2, 2013

For some companies, it's difficult enough to provide customer service to English-speaking customers, let alone to those that require multilingual call center support.

Yet this is a modern practice that needs to be embraced by companies that are geared toward expanding globally or locally, to untapped segments with a diverse and ethnic population.

Look at the United States, for example. Recent census shows that 1 out of 10 households speaks a language other than English. Therefore, companies that want a sizeable share of the market need more than its standard call center staff; they need to update their policies and employ bilingual or multilingual agents to cater to these emerging populations.

Fostering clear communication with non-English-speaking customers

Building a multilingual support is an investment that increases customer inquisition and improve their customer service quality. Otherwise, customers might have to suffer from frustrations trying to make themselves understood with the smallest issues. Language-based misunderstandings may arise, and customers might be forced to make repeat calls over similar problem areas – a hassle for both parties.

Hiring a multilingual team of agents who can fluently speak the customer's mother tongue can make the customer feel at ease right at the start. With a shared language, communication flows easily, making it easy to build rapport and engagement. Moreover, customers can be confident that their problems are effectively sent across the other end of the line for pending resolution.

Providing a multilingual support, however, is much more than supporting multiple languages. It's also about employing agents with sufficient cultural knowledge of customers, who can correctly interpret situations and offer solutions with consideration to cultural context. This prevents customers from being put off or  miscommunication from taking place in general. Moreover, the business can communicate with customers in legal compliance as a multilingual provider is usually aware of local regulatory standards in a specific location.

A multilingual call center service bridges any language gap between customers and agents. Moreover, it also resolves the widespread dilemma of cultural barriers in most call centers.

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