Customer service outsourcing: Why go on Facebook?

Friday, August 30, 2013

As of writing, there are more than one billion Facebook users worldwide.

It's no wonder that businesses are using this to provide customer service and entrust outsourcing firms the responsibility of managing the thousands of fans in a single company page.

Facebook as a customer service tool

There are various reasons businesses drive in throngs to Facebook for their customer service management. First of all, it provides easily accessible insights from customers through fan pages. Businesses can also set up alerts for specific words to keep track of what online users are saying about their brand. This information can be used for product development and improvement. Facebook also makes it easy for brands to respond to negative comments and address other customer service issues.

Additionally, this shifts a percentage of workload from the brand's in-house team of customer service representatives. As necessary, a brand can also field conversations and route serious issues to a more suitable channel. Moreover, online customers can sift through the collective sources in Facebook such as updates, support communities, and knowledge base to solve issues. Online communities and official pages also serve as discussion platforms for both customers seeking for resolutions, and tech- or product-savvy customers willing to answer these inquiries.

Finally, compared to standard customer service channels, there's no customer grievance over estimated wait time and passing of calls from one agent to another. Customers can freely surf the Internet while waiting for a response, which prevents annoyance from impatience.

Aside from these, Facebook is also a cost-effective option since it's basically free and businesses are only generally concerned about hiring a dedicated social media expert to handle its marketing and customer service online.

Facebook is undeniably a great customer service tool for brands. It has a large proportion of users and is accessible, free, and interactive. It allows brands to immediately resolve issues and customers to engage with each other for voluntary assistance.

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