Stop ignoring your weakest customer service channel

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

It's a huge mistake for contact centers to focus on their strongest communication channels alone. They must realize that there's a need to understand all their platforms' unique functions and purposes, as customers have varied preferences.

Thus, you also need to pay attention to your least popular channels, instead of singling out just the top-performing ones. As more and more digital devices are being made widely available these days, it's easy for businesses to overlook traditional channels, including the phone. This leads to poor voice-based customer support delivery. When this happens, you need to immediately rethink your strategy for these three reasons.

1.   Voice services still matter.

Even though customers are becoming pros at using self-service platforms, 40% of them still contact a call center agent after finding answers on their own.

It's true that the omnichannel approach—mostly carried out through digital channels—helps customer service teams deliver faster solutions and manage big heaps of queries. However, the reality is, customers still use the phone to resolve complex issues that require human intervention.

2.   One bad experience can ruin the entire customer experience.

Just one instance of a poorly delivered customer support is enough to lower consumer engagement. You should thus optimize interactions across all your platforms to deliver consistently high-quality services. This way, regardless of the channel a customer uses, they'd receive the kind of assistance they deserve. Such consistency allows you to build a good brand image.

3.   To thrive in the digital age, you must be willing to work on your weaknesses.

If you keep overlooking the issues you're facing, you won't be able to deliver the ideal customer experience. The longer you put off fixing your weakest customer service channel, the more difficulties you'd have to deal with in the future. However, if you keep working on your performance gaps, you'll be able to nurture buyers' trust and develop meaningful relationships.

Focusing on your customer support approaches can help you nurture market loyalty. However, remember to place equal importance on all your channels—including the phone and the digital ones. This way, you can capture people's varying preferences and upgrade the customer experience you deliver.