4 Millennial qualities that make them good call center leaders

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Workplace experts Lindsey Pollak says millennials are born leaders. Without entirely being conscious about it, they're already in-charge of various aspects of their life – within family and friends, self, in organizations, and in schools. So it doesn't come as a surprise that members of this generation are also leaders in their workplaces.

If you're working in the call center industry, you'll notice that agents under the supervision of millennial team leaders tend to be more laid back and more sociable. These, of course, are good traits in any workplace that help ensure a harmonious, productive, and generally positive work environment for everyone.

But what specific qualities do millennial call center team leaders have that contribute to this?

1.   They're naturally tech-savvy
While many of the baby boomers and Generation X-ers learned how to use the computer in the offices or in schools, millennials grew up in a world where technology and its advancements are heavily embedded in every aspect of life. They've seen the evolution of modern computers, the birth and rise of smartphones and other mobile devices, the continuous growth of the Internet (and its subsequent incarnation, the social web), and even the surge and collapse of the dot com bubble. As such, understanding how technology works comes naturally to them – definitely an asset in any modern industry.

2.   They thrive in a collaborative environment
With the advent of the social web, millennials have grown to become more social than members of previous generations, whether it be online or in real life. And along with this is the culture of participation and collaboration. So while they do have the ability to work unsupervised, Gen Y-ers also thrive when they're part of a group. This is very apparent in call centers where you'll find that teamwork is highly valued. The millennial team leader shines in this environment because they understand their generation's need to contribute in achieving any set goal.

3.   They're natural multitaskers
Media may portray millennials as a generation with way too much fields of interest and a short attention span, but the truth is that they've also developed the skills to pursue all these interests with dedication. They grew up in a fast-paced culture so multitasking comes naturally to them. When managing a call center team, these young leaders will solve a problem at the soonest time possible while handling other tasks. This enables them to efficiently accomplish their roles and move on to other responsibilities, or even personal hobbies and activities outside the office.

4.   They believe in transparency
A Deloitte India study reports that millennials are comfortable with transparency. This means that they deem openness, communication, and accountability as important values in a workplace. In particular, this is carried out in the call center – through regular team meetings, coaching sessions or mentoring of agents.

Millennial team leaders are taking a different approach in guiding their call center staff to perform better. Enterprises benefit from them, as they make their workplaces unique and dynamic.