How contact center gamification can boost employee engagement

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How call center agents see their work and value the people they work with play a big role in the success of your contact center. Employees need to have more than just skills and knowledge to be able to deliver excellent customer service. When your call center agents are passionate about their jobs and motivated to do their best, they are able to execute their tasks more effectively.

What is gamification?

Contact center gamification can be your way of making your agents bring their A game. It is done by incorporating games and competition to the operation floor in hopes of influencing the work behaviors of your workforce. Ordinary tasks are spiced up and turned into competitive activities. Quotas and metrics are compared among teams. Rewards are handed out based on performance scores. Aside from outperforming others or surpassing score goals, agents with the least errors may also be given rewards. Sales agents may also be incentivized based on the number of closed deals.

The concept of gamification has always been present in call centers. Competition and rewards are used by call center managers to encourage their agents to perform better. More than that, the structured implementation of gamification in your call center allows a conscious and systematic effort to tap the vast potentials of your workforce.

How it transforms call centers

Gamification can be a very promising employee engagement strategy for your call center. While interpersonal communication and work relationships are strengthened, agent productivity is also maximized. Formal training sessions that are often perceived as boring and mandatory can transform into exciting events that your agents can look forward to. This boosts the commitment that your trainees show during this crucial operational stage.

Utilizing scoreboards and incentive system can significantly improve productivity. When an organization fosters healthy competition, its members will voluntarily strive to perform well and gain recognition. Competition among different departments can also encourage teams to exhibit camaraderie. Through contact center gamification, team leaders can also easily distinguish the top-performing agents from the weak members. Assistance and skills reinforcement can then be directed at the latter.

Your customer service representatives can contribute more to your call center if their morale is in good shape. Incentivizing employees means that you’re appreciating their hard work. This can make your employees become more passionate with what they do and more loyal to the company for a long time. Gamification can therefore make your agents actively contribute to your call center’s overall productivity.