How to motivate your team to create business innovation ideas

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Constant business innovation is the key to stay ahead of your competitors. It works as a customer service strategy because setting it as one of your priorities determines current and emerging trends that help you develop a unique selling point for your line of products and services. This adds value to your business that can give you an advantage in the industry.

Innovation is best formed by your customer support team because of their experience in the field. From entry level to managers, different viewpoints are important to craft effective and unique ideas that can drive the company to success. Here are ways to foster innovation in your team:

1.   Discuss goals

To increase motivation of the entire team to form innovative ideas, goal setting must be done on a regular basis. Giving each team member an opportunity to voice out their opinions can make them feel valued as part of the group. This encourages productivity and confidence in contributing ideas that can materialize if properly laid out.

2.   Create milestones

Highlight significant changes in the business motivates employees to work hard towards achieving it. This encourages them to brew more ideas that can lead to another milestone. Even if some plans don’t materialize, it’s important to acknowledge their efforts to assure them that their efforts don’t go unnoticed.

3.   Encourage communication

Communication is essential in creating innovation. If there's a need to change plans, you must share the reason behind it. This is how the entire team can have a more significant and creative collaboration. Being transparent to your team is a must, as it creates solid plans that can work and materialize.

4.   Share responsibilities

It's important to share responsibilities, especially during failures that growing businesses inevitably face. Your role as a leader is to support and discuss politely with your team what went wrong. Talking about the root cause of problems can help your team come up with alternatives to avoid going through the same pitfall again.

Innovation is one of the main components of success. This is why it must be strongly encouraged in the workplace by discussing goals, creating milestones, encouraging communication, and sharing responsibilities to your team. Start with these tips and expect your team to bring in more creative ideas to the table.