Why social media management requires image moderation support

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Images play a big role in your social media marketing efforts. If not moderated properly, images can damage your brand’s reputation on social networks. Open Access BPO explains how this quality control method can be done effectively.

When filtering user-generated content (UGC) in websites and social media sites, moderation is not only limited to written posts or comments that appear in text form. Image moderation support is also needed in screening photo submissions and comments, memes, infographics, or even text blocks that appear as images. Protecting your social media properties from harmful image content can go a long way in reinforcing your overall digital marketing strategy.

What kinds of images should be screened

True, allowing social media followers to submit images, drop comments, or join photo contests are effective ways of socializing with them, especially if you are using Facebook or Instagram. But without proper content moderation methods in place, your online community may be exposed to unwanted content.

Social media managers base their moderation decisions on several factors that can determine the appropriateness of an image. They often go back to the brand’s protocols or their site’s terms of service. Some images may be infringing copyright and publishing them without any proper accreditation can make the brand accountable.

There can also be cases of invasion of privacy or threat to security, such as pictures taken without consent. Images can actually also be used in spamming, where external links are placed as captions to catchy images. Lastly, moderators also watch out for off-topic images that are posted as comments on social media posts. They disrupt the online interaction that exists in your community. All of these are possible issues that you can face if you don’t have a strong content moderation process.

How to moderate images on social networks

Social media is a powerful tool in connecting not only to your existing customers, but to prospective ones as well. Images are very useful in attracting new audience, since making your brand more visual is a good way of making it remarkable. There are many ways you can make sure that the images available on your social media sites will work in your favor.

Outsourcing image moderation support is your best option, since it will give you access to an expert team who can handle all your digital security needs. Moderation technologies are also available, such as applications that can analyze pixel composition and match them with predetermined harmful content. This auto-moderation prevents banned images, such as those depicting nudity, abuse, or discrimination, from reaching the public’s view. This is helpful if photos are directly submitted or uploaded on your main site and are later auto-shared on social media networks.

Image moderation is a vital component of visual and social media marketing. It can be your way of proving that you are taking responsibility in protecting your online community. This method of quality control can therefore fortify your brand’s online reputation, which is crucial in securing longevity and customer loyalty.