How live chat support complements a call center's voice services

Monday, August 4, 2014

Is having a voice-based customer service platform enough for your business? Open Access BPO explains how adding live chat support to your customer support channels can complement your call center support services and, ultimately, step up your game. 

In a dynamic and rapidly changing business world, putting up just one customer service channel with the help of a call center in the Philippines may not be the best way to secure good connection between you and your customers. With more customers opting for convenient ways to reach out to businesses, it’s best to come up with multi-channel customer service options to make sure your customers can reach you anytime they want to.

Because of the promptness it can bring, live chat is starting to become a popular platform of choice for many customers. It’s a convenient option especially for customers who do not want to spend time being put on hold on the phone while waiting for an agent to be available. It’s also a preferable customer service platform for e-commerce website customers who may have questions or concerns while shopping on a brand's website.

Increased customer support and revenues

When customers visit your website to browse your product catalog, the availability of live chat support can motivate them to stay on your website since there’s someone they can talk to once they have a question to ask or suggestion to solicit. This increases your overall sales and lead conversion rates.

Although live chat support cannot solve every customer problem, it can be a good partner to your phone-based customer service. Customers can now choose which delivery method they will use to convey a particular concern. This increases your chances of having more repeat customers, since your image will become more customer-centric. With more repeat customers and referrals, more sales will be made thus more revenues for your business.

Better resource allocation and management

Investing in live chat support can eventually help you reduce your operational expenses. It even maximizes the time an agent spends on resolving one customer issue. With a chat program, an agent can engage with several clients simultaneously. They can respond to each of them almost altogether, especially if the cases are similar. This issue resolution speed imposes a practical solution to high telco expenses that are sometimes brought about by the high volumes of calls.

At the same time, the reduced number of calls your voice-based agents are getting can lead to many benefits. First, agents can provide more attention to details whenever they attend to a customer. Customers also are unlikely going to be put on hold and spend long waiting time over the phone. Lastly, your phone-based customer service can now be redesigned to add some functions, such as conducting customer surveys or telemarketing.

Staying ahead of the competition

By putting up an instant messaging channel on your website, you equip your business with a tool that will help you stand out from the competition. This will place you on top of any other brand that has similar products or services that you offer, but is not equipped with live chat customer service. Your accessibility can make your brand trusted when it comes to customer support.

Live chat support is undeniably a customer service tool that can make a business grow its customer base. Simply put, live chat can make your business easier to reach for customers, thus increasing chances of them coming back and referring your brand to others.

With both phone-based and live chat customer service available, you are taking your customer-centricity to a higher level. Now, all you need to do is make sure both channels are optimized and fully-functioning.