How a Japanese call center can ensure quality customer service

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Most companies with a vast Japanese client base seek customer service solutions from outsourcing firms. The Philippines, with its incomparable outsourcing track record, has been the top choice when it comes to Japanese call center services.

There are many reasons for this, but the most compelling one is the country's superior outsourcing performance in the ASEAN market, which Japanese firms have recognized as indispensable in revitalizing Japan's economy.

How exactly then can a Japanese call center in the Philippines meet the needs of its client? Here are ways to guarantee success in delivering customer service in the country:

•   Customized hiring process

It's essential that the agent qualifications set by Japanese clients are taken into consideration when looking for agents.

The proficiency in speaking the language must be gauged carefully by standardized qualifying exams. The recruitment process must always adapt to the needs of the client, hence, a company representative must take part in selecting agents.

•   Culture training

Understanding of Japanese culture must always be maintained among agents to ensure that agents connect better with Japanese customers over the phone. Filipino call center agents are known for having cultural compatibility with almost any foreign culture. By subjecting them to culture training, this strong feature can then be maximized by call centers.

•   Language skills reinforcement

Aside from testing language skills of candidates during recruitment, support must also be given to agents who are already part of the campaign. Language enhancement exercises (games, peer-to-peer learning, coaching, etc.) and manuals can be used to reinforce their skills. This is beneficial especially for agents who are not native-speakers of Nihongo but have taken language courses from universities or learning centers.

•   Competitive compensation

High attrition is common among multilingual call centers because of the towering demand for local agents who can speak foreign languages.

It's hard to recruit or replace agents because of the customized hiring it requires and the low supply of applicants. Hence, Japanese call centers must be strategic by focusing on agent retention strategies such as offering competitive salary packages, implementing performance-driven bonus schemes, and giving yearly salary increase.

Offering Japanese call center services is one of the strengths of the Philippine outsourcing industry. By following these methods, a Japanese call center can improve the services it provides to its client. With better customer service, the Japanese company can now reach out to its customer base effectively.

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