How call centers build loyalty among agents

Monday, May 19, 2014

How do you make your call center agents stay with your company for a long time? Open Access BPO lists down some strategies that call center managers can use to solve agent attrition.

It's no secret that one of the biggest problems that the call center industry faces is agent attrition.Losing agents can mean more expenses for the call center since hiring and training replacement agents entail costs. For the client outsourcing to the call center, agent attrition can mean poor customer service quality since the outsourced workforce is comprised of recent hires that need time to gain the required expertise and skills.

Making sure that call center agents are satisfied with their job is an important responsibility that is overlooked by some call center managers.

Just like any other type of employee, call center agents seek clear and achievable job expectations, support and recognition from leaders, positive work environment, and promising career path. By taking time to study these needs, building loyalty among agents can go a long way in making your call center a winner in delivering customer service.

•   Continuous training
The significance of constantly improving the skills and knowledge of your agents can never be emphasized more. By scheduling training sessions and refresher courses, you can ensure that all agents receive sufficient time to further their skills and knowledge. Focusing each session on a new skill or procedure is an effective strategy in establishing a training scheme for your agents.
•   Improving work conditions
Evaluate how your employees feel about their work schedule, benefits and salary, leaves, and other important matters. Some agents may just be waiting for the opportunity to voice out their concerns. By providing a positive work environment, you give more reasons for your agents to stay and perform well.
•   Encouraging collaboration
Agents practice teamwork even without being required to do so. They often help each other and seek advice from peers when it comes to making important decisions related to work.

Call center managers must take advantage of the close ties shared by agents by encouraging teamwork and collaboration. This can lead to problems being solved faster since agents make use of proven solutions based on the experiences of their peers.
•   Giving due recognition
Accomplishing difficult tasks daily without enough recognition, especially when achievements are made, can put off any agent. Consider implementing an incentive program to recognize your agents' efforts. It can also motivate them to keep up the good work, perform better, or excel from the rest. Encouraging healthy competition can boost team morale among agents.
•   Rewarding loyalty
Incentive programs must also be long-term and inclusive of rewards given to agents who choose to stay with the company for a long time. Incentives such as increased salary or bonus payments may be given annually to seasoned agents. Promotion to senior status after a certain period of time may also be a good alternative. This gives your agents more reasons to stay and more things to look forward to.

By integrating these strategies, you can prevent your call center from losing its valued human resources. With increased loyalty among agents, call centers benefits from cost reduction and from the improvement of customer service quality.