Call centers in the Philippines: Delegation matters

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

In a multifaceted environment of call centers in the Philippines where every task must be well taken care of, properly delegating people is a top priority. This involves assigning tasks and promoting the right people to take on various responsibilities, from receiving calls and assuring work quality, to managing a team of representatives and supervising operations.

Many contact centers across the globe, unfortunately, overlook this aspect of the business. And it's what causes many of their campaigns and outsourcing initiatives to fail or fall behind the competition.

The predicament is that most contact center businesses think too much about quick ROI, customer opinion, and increase in sales that they forget about another important thing: putting the right people in the right job function.

Research-based consulting firm Gallup CEO Jim Clifton himself said that delegating employees is as essential as thinking about online reputation and branding. Hiring the wrong person is as irrevocable as obtaining negative standing on the web, and not even compensation or benefits could fix it. It's the same as putting a wrong knot on a different screw—it leaves the machine wobbly, malfunctioning.

Call centers in the Philippines are known for their outstanding labor force—the fluent English speakers, the customer service acumen, the outstanding college diploma. But what if they're not managed by the right people? The answer becomes a detrimental factor to the business.

According to Gallup, $550 billion are stashed off from the US income every year because of incompetent managers and supervisors, and this is the same case around the world. Wrong delegation costs a lot.

Bad leadership not only defeats the purpose of hiring skilled rank-and-file employees, it also eliminates the efficiency and seamlessness of the company's entire workflow. Appointing the wrong operations manager could affect and influence the company hierarchy downwards, as it could alter the supervisors' management, then the managers' and so on. At the end of the day, it's the company that suffers. Hence, proper delegation must start from stem to stern, and should be done flawlessly.

The CEO's essential role

Undeniably, it's the business owner's responsibility to know who he would put in the most crucial job functions in his business. He should understand that personal predilection must be defeated by the idea of what the company really needs. Appointing a person for a specific task or a higher position simply because she looks the part, she's a family friend, or she came from a reputable school may sound funny, but it really does happen in many corporations today. In depth screening must never be disregarded.

Companies may partner with a trusted business team, consult with a headhunting firm, or business partners who share the same goals and vision. Like in many call centers in the Philippines, compromise should never be an option when choosing people. Doing such will undo all the planning, the implementation, and the strategic decisions the business owner had to make to strengthen and ensure his company's trajectory towards success.

Putting up a business already costs money, thus don't spend more by simply failing to delegate properly.

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