Sloppy customer service drives phone subscribers away

Friday, February 28, 2014

It's never really a new thing to hear that customer service can change the consumers' attitude towards a brand—be it for better, or even for worse. And in the sphere of telecommunication networks where competition is strict regardless of location, delivering sloppy customer service can shoo a loyal customer away more than offering a badly combined product bundle or asking for overpriced call charges.

It's not just a wild conjecture, or a proposition to highlight the importance of customer service in a telephone communication firm. Electronic communications brand, Tektronix, found out through a survey conducted by British consultancy firm, Ovum, that bad customer service is a top reason why many phone users leave their current network for something better.

In the last 18 months, one-third of British respondents have already switched to a different network upon realizing they've never gotten the experience they want from their brand. A quarter of this said that they're already planning to move to another network in the next 12 months.

It would no longer be surprising if the surveyed customers would say that customer service plays an essential part in influencing their decision-making when it comes to sticking or leaving a brand. But the sad part—for the customer service industry, at least— is that 23% of subscribers gave their current networks a customer service score of five out of 10.

In the European region, the company with the most unpopular customer service seems to be British multinational telecommunications giant BT, which is little by little gaining notoriety for its substandard adherence to customer satisfaction.

But this doesn't only occur in the European region. In the Asian region, the similar predicament is whooping many telecom brands' reputation. A Verint study reported that telecommunication firms are the worst when it comes to satisfying their consumers. In America, a telephone company made it to the American Consumer Satisfaction Index' worst brand for customer service.

So what do these say?

Telecom networks must remember that they should be the first ones to understand the verity, gravity, and essence of serving customers to the highest level. They make money out of connecting people from different ends and lines, don’t they?

Perhaps it's already apparent to them that this is the same logic that gives life to customer service: they have to connect themselves with their brand supporters like how they interlink people to others. After all, excellent customer service is all about having a strong connection that links the brands and the consumers.

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