How to prevent your Philippine call center strategies from failing?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It's been a common practice in every Philippine call center to focus on the value and weight of the little things that most marketers commonly underestimate. For instance: a single negative comment on Facebook, or a real-life story saying how you fail as a brand.

Many marketers don't see the threatening effects of these "little" things. In the swiftness that is ever-present in social media, everything can happen lightning-fast. Plus the increasing attention span that has contaminated many Internet users that has transformed them into gullible netizens—believing everything they've read and heard without checking on its verity.

Little errors are a result of humongous blunders. And why so? Because that one negative comment on Facebook , the trending loathing on Twitter on your brand, or the countless memes people pass on to each other across various social media sites are rooted to your erroneous, flawed customer service.

Perhaps you are seeing nothing wrong with how you present yourself as a brand, or how you satisfy your customers. It could be—that is, if you're not earning "little" but scathing reputation online.

So what are these little things that can tarnish your customer service?

  • You're making things a bit complex

    Confusions can happen in many forms. Haphazardly designed websites, indirectly answered questions, and misleading advertisings. You must always remember that your customers aren’t poets and lovers of metaphors—be straightforward.

  • You're stuck in the past

    Back in the day, brands propagated the belief that once customers become loyal, they'll forever be. Now, in this time of social media and dwindling attention spans, there's no such thing. Hence, you have to strengthen the loyalty that binds you to your customers. Do it regularly, on a daily basis.

  • You're continuously tapping the wrong people

  • The power of your customer service largely depends on how your customer support representatives perform. So if you keep on settling with subpar employees, don't expect to see improvements in your customer service. Hire better people, never settle for a type that has already failed you multiple times.

  • Ignoring the trend

    There are indeed trends that are just, well, mere trends. But there are cases that these trends say a lot about what could make your customer service more competitive. For instance, ignoring the mobile or multi-channel trends (which are two of the current trends in the customer support scene) will send you nowhere. Sometimes, you have to go with the flow and create a sound strategy along the way.
  • You can't admit your weaknesses

    There are times when it's hard to admit a mistake, especially if it's asserted by the customer himself. You, like other brands, are not perfect—admitting that you're also capable of being wrong about your products and services. Just say sorry—sincerely.
If you still believe that your customer service is just doing fine despite countless of criticisms online and call-bearing complaints, then you're probably living under a big rock. You have to wake up. Be like those successful Philippine call centers that value customer service so much that they're more than willing to undergo a complete overhaul.

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