How to liven up the Valentine spirit at a call center in the Philippines

Friday, February 14, 2014

Most call centers in the Philippines are now gearing up for the Valentine's Day, and perhaps it's high time for you to do the same. Well, don’t say it's corny, because it's one perfect moment to show off some customer appreciation.

Start it all off in your company. Of course, it would be easier to reward your customers if your employees themselves are feeling the Valentine spirit. Here are a few ideas you can do to make them feel loved:

Focus on the couples

Admit it or not, there are love birds in your company—married couples, dating pairs, or even those who are constantly being teased as lovers. Enliven these couples' love life by giving them a little recognition.

Give them a free, romantic dinner at a nice restaurant, buy them flowers, an all expense-paid accommodation at a class hotel, or even a ticket to a balladeer's concert would do. If their team schedule and quota would allow it, ask them if they want to avail a paid vacation leave so that they can enjoy their Valentine reward without the interruptions of work.

Organize a dating game

This one goes out to the budding couples, and especially to those who are still looking for their "the right one." Out of fun, gather all you employees and hold a dating game in your call center in the Philippines.

The winning couple wins a free date at a posh restaurant, or if you want it more work-inclined, it could come with a special package comprising of a free day-off or a cash bonus on top of their regular benefit. This is nice to such an extent that they'll find love at your company but also because it could be a good chance to repair broken relationships between your employees.

Embrace the Valentine spirit

Constantly play love songs in the operations floor— all day and all night. Embellish work stations with love quotes from famous poets and novelists, repaint your walls with red and white, and make your lights a bit dimmer to complete the romantic feel. Just remember not to over-do it, as uber-loud background song could affect a call, and overly-dimmed lights might send your employees to snooze.

Now, for your customers:

  • Random rewards

    Random things have the power to surprise. Hence, embrace this idea and inject it to your customer service. For example, ask your customers if they're married or dating, and they say "yes," then immediately give them what you'd call "love giveaway." A discount, a voucher, a ticket to somewhere romantic—anything that can make your customers happy would do.

  • Raffle off a few prizes

    Pick a name out of your list of customers and give out raffle prizes. Your outbound team would be the ones who'd contact the winners. Moreover, give out discounts, free product and service upgrades, or anything that would make your customers happy.

  • Cool down a bit, ignore any negativity

    This one's for you, but will directly benefit your customers. Well, just be positive and make sure your call center representatives are feeling the Valentine spirit, too. Believe it or not, this is how they do it at every call centers in the Philippines. Yes, they don't take Valentine's Day for granted—and it's a perfect today to show love, both to your customers and employees.
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