How does a call center in the Philippines retain customers?

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

When customers are directed by a hotline number to a call center in the Philippines, there's an automatic anticipation on their part: they want a flawless, trouble-free talk with the customer service representative.

Of course, nobody wants to spend hours on the phone just for a service-related question that can be answered within minutes. In the same way, no one wants to get passed on from one department to another just to obtain the answer she needs. And surely, no customer would say that it's "okay" to talk with a rude customer service representative (CSR).

For a Philippine call center, customer experience is important. Giving the best one is their brand, and failing to deliver the most efficient customer experience means ruining their reputation and losing future clientele.

Retaining customers is a contact center's ultimate goal, as having such means that it has successfully satisfied and surpassed what the customers have expected of it.

So how does a call center in the Philippines do this?

Websites are accessible

Customers browse a company's website to get contact details or make purchases, so a call center must see to it that the websites and blogs of the brand it represents are not just visually appealing but also accessible and easy to navigate. Websites embellished with slow-loading images and videos, ugly and unreadable typefaces, overly narrow or wide white space, or dead links could shoo both current and potential customers away.

With that said, the business' e-commerce site must be a place where buying is fun and easy. Images must be artistically clear, high-quality, and related to the product it promotes. Product descriptions should be readable and well-written, and buying should be easy and not hindered by confusing or suspicious-looking credit card and online paying system.

Some contact centers offer web development services alongside their voice solutions. Consider partnering with one of these to ensure that your customer service and e-commerce strategies are aligned with each other.

CSRs are attentive listeners and great problem solvers

Talented and experienced CSRs remain as every call center in the Philippines' key to nailing almost every call transaction it handles. These CSRs possess superb attentive listening skills, which are essential in bringing a difficult problem to a satisfying conclusion.

Customer service department is seamless

Not all CSRs are perfect, and every Philippine call center knows it. That's why having skilled supervisors, resolute managers, meticulous quality specialists is also important, for they will back up the CSRs who could no longer handle a difficult situation.

Recognition is part of the business

Giving rewards and regularly offering a sincere "thank you" is already a custom in every contact center in the country. They are aware that customers want CSRs who know how to appreciate little things. And since most, if not all, customers would not say "no" to a discount, they show appreciation by giving a free ticket to somewhere or a free product upgrade.

Retaining customers requires patience and dedication. Every call center in the Philippines knows that molding regular customers into loyal ones doesn't happen overnight.

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