4 Customer service must-dos for every Philippine call center in 2014

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The first quarter is nearing its conclusion, but it's not yet late for you to prep up your Philippine call center to customer service dominance. This, however, can be quite challenging, as there is a longstanding disconnect in the customer service sector.

According to an expert, customers can't see the brands' dedication in making their companies customer-centric. As business journalists would always say it, this is the "Age of the Customer," and businesses of all sizes must not consider customers as only second priority. Here are the four customer must-dos you should start embracing now to streamline your operations and further improve your customer service solutions:

  1. Develop patience. Lots of it.

    If "patience is a virtue" still doesn't ring a bell to you then you should start believing so.

    In this age when everyone becomes subservient to technology and what it can offer, more and more customers think likewise of call center representatives. They'd be more demanding, and would ask of contact centers to do even the most trifling thing as how to download this and that software, what's the difference between this service and that product. Apparently, it's the customer's right to ask anything about the product you represent, so better prepare yourself for the worst.

  2. Target expediency.

    Ensure that everyone in your company is on the same page. Customer service representatives (CSR), managers, supervisors, and executives must be familiar with your customer service policies and strategies. This is the first step to develop a fast and strategic problem resolution strategy. Your customer service team should always target the highest level of efficiency to quickly get to the root of the problem and achieve customer satisfaction in the quickest possible time.

  3. Be in the know of everything.

    It's hard to propel your customer service quality if you're still living in the past. This is the year of multichannel / omnichannel support, so it's high time to invest in modernizing your customer service team. Gone are the days of engaging customers through telephone alone, as everyone's embracing live chat, email, and mobile apps. Moreover, you also have to know the latest customer service trends, how your target audience thinks, feels, and responds to the brand.

  4. Continue to improve.

    All contact centers have the tendency to be complacent, especially if revenues are doing well. But there's no room for complacency in the strict customer service competition. Offer regular trainings, resources, rewards, and incentives to your customer sales representatives. Update your call center technology and equipment, as not having so would nullify your call center agents' excellent performance.
Living up to the brand and world-class reputation of Philippine call centers, is no easy feat. However, starting with your customers and their overall welfare could take you to places. Indeed, you just really need to satisfy them, and everything—success, good brand reputation—will naturally follow.

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