How customer service outsourcing can save precious time on calls

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A new study sheds light on how much time is wasted during an average customer service call. Fortunately, this is an issue that can be resolved through customer service outsourcing.

How much time is wasted

US News has reported the findings of a survey conducted by software company Kana among 2,000 adults. According to the results, each customer spends 384 minutes, or more than six hours each year forwarding complaints to companies.

A large amount of the lost hours are mainly caused by customers having to repeat their issues to different agents. In fact, it takes an average of two to three attempts for a customer to finally get an issue resolved.

How to go around this problem

There are many ways to minimize repetition, and one of this is creating an integrated user experience. Once customers start a conversation in a social channel, the company should be able to include this information in its database. This way, customers merely have to pick up where they left off when they decide to talk to agents through phone. This eliminates the need for them to repeat their stories over again.

Aside from this, customer service outsourcing also helps improve first-contact resolution (FCR). Most professional service providers employ measurement methods for FCR, such as customer surveys, and implement improvement initiatives, as suitable. Moreover, they train their staff adequately for communication skills and knowledge base and even empower them to make decisions, so there wouldn't be any need for customers to make second or third calls.

Some outsourcing providers also utilize data from customer relationship management (CRM) tools to identify call drivers that client companies are previously unaware of. Once these issues are identified, the providers then create solutions and train their representatives accordingly. This makes the representatives more capable of handling calls and increases first-contact resolution rates.

Most customers have experienced being transferred from one representative to another only to be disappointed when their issues are not immediately and efficiently addressed. Repeat calls are not only unnecessary, they're also preventable. Companies can employ strategies, such as outsourcing, to ramp up their customer service and, hence, improve customer experience.

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