Customer support outsourcing: Adopting the right attitude

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

In-house and outsourcing firms handling customer support always provide their agents with proper training on customer service and product knowledge. It is true that the burden of providing positive experience lies on these agents, but it is also true that communication is a two-way process.

This means that customers can gain a better experience by going about the call with a positive approach. Here are some ways to do so.

Give the benefit of the doubt

Dreading to call customer support is not uncommon. There are widespread notions about agents being unhelpful and requests being put in waiting line or totally ignored. Still, these assumptions won't do any good for both parties.

As Tech Report suggests, take a deep breath first before calling by getting a cup of coffee or stretching. Avoid starting the conversation by expressing doubt or making threats to the agent as these might simply make them defensive. Instead, give them the chance to fix the issue.

Be respectful

Agents are indeed paid by in-house or outsourcing customer support call centers to do their job, but the fact is they are still human beings. When a customer is respectful despite having legitimate issues, the agent is much motivated to help. Indeed, being nice often goes a long way when contacting support.

Provide relevant, complete details

This is just one of the steps to get great service. Describe your problem thoroughly, instead of giving generic statements. For instance, saying "My computer just doesn't work" is not that helpful, as there are a hundred reasons why a computer might not be working, and another hundred ways to solve the problem. It also helps that the request contains complete, useful information without being wordy, as this makes it easy for agents to read them.

Following these ideas can spark up a good reaction from agents, and helps them resolve technical concerns easier. This in turn creates a better experience for customers calling the company for technical support.

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