Top 5 factors to consider in choosing the right telemarketing firm in the Philippines

Friday, August 2, 2013

Telemarketing is a cost-efficient way for businesses to touch-base prospective customers for marketing purposes.

As of writing, there are more than 1000 BPO firms offering telemarketing services in the Philippines, and choosing the best one is often a painstaking task. Fortunately, there are certain criteria businesses can adapt to ensure that the selected firm is capable of generating sales and representing the business professionally.

  1. Expertise and experience

    The telemarketing firm should have the necessary in-house telemarketing skills to successfully promote your business. Review the staff's field of specialization and similar campaigns handled by the firm in the past. Ask the firm how it can provide real solutions. Ideally, the firm should also have a good track record in delivering leads and appointments, and has years' worth of operations in providing telemarketing services.
  2. Good referrals from clients

    Ask the firm for possible recommendations from previous clients it partnered with: at least two current clients and one from the past. Ask these referrals for their objective assessment of the firm's services and if their desired results were delivered.
  3. Competitive costs

    All firms charge differently, and the same applies to outsourcing telemarketing firms. Typically, pricing is based on call or company fees, and a monthly minimum is required upfront before the business and firm can work together. Gather up a list of three Philippine telemarketing firms with the same profile and services and compare the cost. The right firm should have a competitive rate and can deliver excellent results at the same time.
  4. Quality telemarketing agents

    Telemarketing service representatives (TSRs) represent the initial point of contact between a business and a potential customer. To ensure quality TSRs, look for a firm with high rates of employee retention and satisfaction. Speak with the agents themselves and perform a mock trial for direct assessment.
  5. Contract agreements

    Finally, the firm should be able to provide performance measurements and, as agreed upon, penalties if expectations are not met. There should also be a non-disclosure clause in contracts to ensure that the business' confidential information is kept secure and that databases would not be sold to competitors.
Being a player in the telemarketing industry is hard work. Therefore, it is imperative to choose a good telemarketing firm, one that fully understands a business' products and services and that can bring fruitful sales or positive marketing results.