Telemarketing in the Philippines: Why some telemarketing companies fail

Friday, August 9, 2013

Many businesses choose to outsource their telemarketing efforts to the Philippines or other business process outsourcing (BPO) locations around the world for various reasons. These range from reducing overhead expenses to acquiring offshore assistance to meet a deadline. Businesses also look for outsourcing companies that not only generate sales, but also use telemarketing for enhanced customer service.

Outsourced telemarketing is – and should be – a valuable asset. However, as some businesses learned the hard way, outsourcing is not a simple as it sounds. In some cases, telemarketing companies even fail to deliver results in their campaigns.

Reasons that a telemarketing firm fails

Perhaps one of the most common reasons for failure is insufficient understanding of the product or service offered. Telemarketers should be well trained to have basic and in-depth knowledge about their products to answer any customer queries and resolve concerns. This establishes trust and credibility and at the same time provides good customer service. Failure to do so can quickly cut sales.

Another reason is lack of constant feedback and communication. The outsourcing company must be able to provide regular updates and input such as call scripts, target markets, or calling lists for the business to track the progress of the telemarketing campaign, if any. It must be transparent, and as such, the data must be available on-demand. The whole process is a two-way communication: the outsourcing company should not work independently, but together with the business for clear understanding of business objectives and guaranteed high-quality performance.

Insufficient knowledge or experience in areas is also a factor. The outsourcing company should have expertise in telemarketing as well as other forms of marketing campaigns and methods of generating leads. Otherwise, it could struggle in delivering expected results.

Avoid failure in outsourcing telemarketing

Though low cost is the main driving factor for outsourcing, it should not be the be-all and end-all. A business should carefully evaluate potential firms for successful campaigns. Outsourced telemarketing can be an efficient information gathering or direct marketing tool for increased profits, or it can be a waste of investment.