Promoting good customer experience with a data cleansing service

Thursday, August 22, 2013

As business operations run through different kinds of information, it is only logical to ensure that its data is strictly accurate. This is why a data cleansing service is valuable. This process involves checking data for both accuracy and consistency, and removing any errors or incorrect information from a system.

Accurate data and customer experience

Harvard Business Review recognizes accurate customer data as the foundation of improved customer experience. Accordingly, high-quality data can be used to deliver well-targeted products or services and can also be applied to improve social media marketing efforts and customer support.

The gist is that by enhancing data results, a business gains valuable insight that is not only helpful for its marketing efforts, but that also resolves gaps in customer knowledge. This is useful in rendering each contact with a customer meaningful and efficient.

A business can choose from a gamut of data cleansing services. One of these allows a business to compile customer details in a single view or database, resulting in organized and easily accessible information. This is particularly helpful when communicating with customers to resolve inquiries or other issues.

Furthermore, data cleansing can be utilized to ensure mailing lists are correct and up-to-date. This keeps the business from sending mails to wrong addresses or to customers who would like to discontinue receiving promotional materials. Data cleansing also prevents a business from sending multiple messages to a single individual which would otherwise cause annoyance. The process also guarantees that particular standards are met, such as ensuring names in mailing lists are spelled correctly and specific formats are used. In doing so, a business can maintain its professional image and reputation, and preserves customers' good perception of the business.

Data cleansing services works both ways. It keeps a business' data in top condition, which is crucial for its sales and marketing efforts. On the other hand, it is also a part of a good customer service strategy. The process prevents customer distress resulting from inaccurate data and ensures that each correspondence between customer and business representatives results in an overall positive customer experience.

Photo credit: fung.leo on Flickr